Orthopaedic sock |
Orthopaedic sock |

Orthopaedic sock |

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Do you want pretty, good-looking feet, but that bunion on your foot is ruining that dream? Or maybe your toes just aren't as straight as you wish?

There are many causes of foot deformities: Ageing, standing for too long, wearing tight shoes...

These habits can lead to what is commonly known as a "tailor's bunion" as well as other feet problems.


  • STOPS BUNIONS: our socks reverse bunions and realign joints by increasing the space between your big toe and second toe;
  • REDUCES PAIN: eliminates stabbing pain and weak tendons from Morton's neuroma, unstable toe drift and other feet problems;
  • PROMOTES CIRCULATION: optimises blood circulation and relaxes tired feet by offering soothing compression;
  • ULTRA SOFT: anti-blister and foot-pampering with ultra-soft, flexible and durable material;
  • BREATHABLE: moisture-wicking, anti-odour and breathable, our socks dry quickly and absorb moisture between toes.

These toe deformities can quickly become annoying but, fortunately, Purini™ is the solution to all your foot problems!


These socks are not only good for your toes, but they also improve your general feet health by optimising blood circulation and relieving tendons and muscles.

Their soft material limits friction, preventing blisters and skin problems.

These socks can be worn normally in a shoe, or under a pair of "normal" socks to limit perspiration and friction.


  • Material: Spandex and polyester;
  • Size: One size fits all (the socks are very stretchy);
  • Color: Beige or black;
  • Anti-irritation and friction.