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Yeshershop™ Winter Promotion™ Sheep Fur Rhinestone Full Diamond Waterproof Shoes Boots

Silver Pink

Diamond Waterproof Uppers
The eye-catching shaped Czech crystal Shoe Boots, each and every Czech crystal & decor is handpicked by us with the ISO highest standard, all materials are strongly adhered to the case using an aeronautical glue, and never not fall off(30,000 professional friction test in the laboratory).
The Shoes Boots of each crystal experienced 68 minutes of precise slot and 138 minutes of manual inlaying, and firmly embedded each crystal selected and then manually polished for 88 minutes, resplendence from then on.

Warm Fur Lined

Fleece lining keeps your feet warm all day. The fur lining fully covers your feet and effectively blocks cold air, providing great low-temperature resistance (Min -31 °F) and high-temperature resistance (Max 50 °F)


The sturdy antiskid flexible outsole offers superior traction and a lightweight fit, great for your everyday wear. the textured rubber sole ensures that keep your grip on winter walks

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